Digital Scaling
& Value-Based Ecosystem

We acquire, scale and connect established businesses

Private Equity
meets Digitization
The approach of MOUNTAINS and HILLS
combines the advantages of established
mid-sized companies with the vast scale
opportunities of the digital economy
At Mountains & Hills, we specialize in:
  • Identifying companies with significant potential for digital scale
  • Capturing growth opportunities of these companies for the benefit
    of our investors
  • Connecting selected companies into sector-specific ecosystems and
    facilitating synergies, as well as further profit opportunities
With our dedicated management team, we combine sectoral experience with:
  • Long-term track-record in transition know-how
  • Complex transactions and operations experience
  • Client-facing and back office digitalization capabilities
We combine the proven buy-and
build investment method with
immediate growth benefits of
digitization. This approach enables
us to capture profit opportunities for
our investors - both in front and in
back office operations.

We identify experienced, but largely digitally disconnected businesses in the following high-growth, fragmented sectors:

  • Health and Longevity
  • Financial services

We integrate the acquired companies and their back office operations into an industry cluster, or ecosystem.


Within each ecosystem, we streamline costs and derive synergies. We also collect data and derive business benefits.


Businesses within the ecosystem service different segments. Using the insights from our ecosystem data centre, we identify and facilitate business opportunities across segments for each individual companies.

  • Focus on fragmented, high-growth industries
  • Target individual businesses with significant digitization potential
  • Proprietary selection and valuation method
  • Disciplined selection of low-risk companies with proven business track-record
  • Unique value proposition combining scale and connectivity
  • Future-oriented valuation based on digital assets and potential for digital scale and connectivity with existing ecosystem