Buy and Build 3.0

Buy-and-build is a proven investment method in the private equity
space. It is the core approach of Mountains & Hills, with some important improvements that connect this method with the digital economy.

We believe that digital assets and integration with the surrounding digital ecosystem will
shape the value of businesses in future. Digital
business models enable rapid and sustainable growth for companies that have access to digitalization know-how and transition capabilities. Many established companies
struggle to transition into and connect within
the digital economy and as a result, they miss
significant profit opportunities.

Platform Company:

We first acquire a company with solid back office operations, which will serve as a core of a future ecosystem. We streamline and optimize its operations from front to back.


Next, we target several smaller companies within the same industry, which can be effectively integrated with the platform company in one or several regards (back office, marketing, customer service, etc.

Consolidation and continued optimization:

By consolidating the back office and possibly other areas of the businesses, we generate profitability and growth opportunities on a continuous basis. The Mountains & Hills management team is made up of professionals who combine vast experience with financial services, operations and business transformation. They are dedicated to maximising the value of the individual companies, our two ecosystems and thus, the Mountains & Hills fund as a whole.

Core characteristics of companies fitting our approach

Medium size segment We work with medium-sized businesses that have a strong customer base and clear business, management and ownership structures

Potential to scale Our companies have a clear potential to scale using digital growth methods and to connect with their surrounding ecosystem

Compatible with the digital economy We select businesses that complement each other and allow for synergies within one of our sectoral ecosystems

Value Orientation We only invest in companies with a strong performance and a proven track-record in their industry